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©2018-2020 by Jakob Eisenbach.


Jakob Eisenbach (1994) is a german composer, sounddesigner and audio engineer.

His work is primarily focused on Films, Games and Media.
He is finishing his Master of Arts in Composition at the Zurich University of Arts in 2020.
 He also graduated his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Composition in Summer 2017.
He plays electric guitar, e-bass, piano, viola and drums.


In 2019 he founded the compnany "Vection Music GmbH",
which aims on the creation and production of high quality music for media.


Since 2018 he worked as Composer and Sounddesigner for the Swiss Virtual-Reality Gaming Brand TrueVR Systems,
which is leading the European and South-American market in Location-Based-Virtual-Reality-Gaming Systems.
His job combines everything from music composition to sounddesign.

Since 2017 he is working as a volunteer for the Swiss Classical Music Society Kulturfreund.
His job as "Officer of Media and Composition" is to create collaborations between
young composers and fresh music Ensembles, while also supporting with his own skillset.


During his Master Of Arts studies he was also worked as Tutor for
"Komposition für Film, Theater und Medien" at the Zurich University Of Arts.
supported fellow students in recording and producing their own music with live musicians,
as well as giving technical support for their complex of Recording Studios.


Jakob Eisenbach started his musical career on the evening of his 15th birthday,
due to falling in love with the sound of the electric guitar.
(Actually by playing the game "Guitar Hero 3 - Legends Of Rock").
After practising for up to 12 hours a day, he also started taking piano lessons
and to learn theory to apply for musical studies at an Art University.
The first attempt failed nevertheless.

After graduating his school career as "IT-Assistant" in 2012 and focusing more on music,
he was declined on his examination trials at several German Music Universities.
In 2013 he then did
volunteerwork as "Media Creator" for the "Film- und Fernsehschule Hamm",
where he supported on shortfilm movie productions and where he made his first filmscoring attempts.

In the same time, he befriended with the upcoming Berlin based Youtubeduo "Jay & Arya",
which have been quite unknown at that time.
In collaboration they worked on their shortfilm "Pardon Me Sugar",
that set path for their Youtube Channel, that by today counts more than 1.8 million Subscribers.

The very same shortfilm was also helpful when applying for the Zurich University of Arts in 2014,
where he then finally was able to start studying his profession.

The network that is created at the Zurich University of Arts and with other Universities in Switzerland,
made it possible to connect to many talented filmmakers, gamedesigners, dancers, writers,
animation-artists, actors, bands and musicians from classic, rock, pop and jazz to contemporary music.