Jakob Eisenbach is a composer, sounddesigner and audio engineer from Germany,
currently living in Zürich, Switzerland.

​In 2020 he finishes his MA degree in composition for film, theatre and media at the
Zürich University of Arts.
His final project is a big orchestral and choir music for
an epic fantasy virtual reality experience by TrueVR Systems.

Since 2020 he is a part of the livemusic art project
OPUS Project.
Together with artists like Amirali Shahrestani or Stathis Tsemberlidis
they aim to host live events on a global scale.

In 2020 he was elected to the board of directors at
Forum Filmmusik.
Working alongside renowned composers from switzerland, he aims to create a space
for composers and musicians at the Radiostudio in Zurich.


In 2019 he founded the company
Vection Music GmbH.
This made it possible to realize any project without a production company or label.
Best explained as the illusion of selfmotion, vection describes the effect of perceived selfmotion
an individum experiences, when observing a moving scenery.


Since 2018 he works as Composer and Sounddesigner for the Swiss Virtual-Reality Gaming Brand
TrueVR Systems.
Leading the European and South-American market in LBVR-Gaming Systems,
they're one of his favourite, yet most demanding projects to work on.

Since 2017 he is working as a volunteer for the Swiss Classical Music Society
His job as "Director of Media and Composition" is to create collaborations between
young composers and new music Ensembles, while also supporting with his own skillset.


During his Master Of Arts studies from 2017, he also worked as Tutor for
'Komposition für Film, Theater und Medien' at the
Zurich University Of Arts.
Primarily supporting the students in recording live musicians
and giving technical support for their complex of Recording Studios.


​In 2017 he finished his BA degree in composition for film, theatre and media at the
Zürich University of Arts.

His final project was a 20 minute filmmusic for a silent movie,
which was performed by live by a progressive metalband.

In 2014 he moved from Germany to Switzerland to study at the
Zürich University of Arts

In 2012 he became friends with the upcoming Berlin based Youtubeduo
Jay & Arya.
In collaboration they worked on a variety of shortfilms that featured actors like Kevin Hart, IceCube
and Sacha Baron Cohen. Today their channel counts more than 1.8 million subscribers,
while their shortfilms count more than 6 million views combined.

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